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Faculty: Acute Care Surgical Services


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To make an appointment:
(804) 828-7748

1-866-628-9337 (toll free)
Transfer Center—24/7

Fax: (804) 827-0285

Mailing address:
PO Box 980454
Richmond, VA 23298-0454

Dr. Duane:
(804) 628-3019
(804) 827-1207

Clinical specialties:
Trauma, Critical Care & Emergency Surgery

The State University of New York, University at Buffalo School of Medicine

Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine

R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland Medical Center

Areas of interest: 
Trauma, Critical Care, Emergency Surgery, ICU management protocols, Infectious disease, Clinical outcomes, Intervention protocols during the initial resuscitation of the trauma patient, Ethics as part of surgical training, Geriatric trauma as it relates to surgical education

Areas of expertise: 
Surgical infections, Management of Complicated Skin and Skin structure infections including necrotizing fasciitis, Diagnosis and management of MRSA, Infection control, Quality and Safety as it relates to surgical interventions and management, Clinical protocol development for ICU patients, Clinical protocol management for the early evaluation of the trauma patient

Selected publications:
Duane TM,
Fan L, Bohannon A, Han JF, Wolfe LG, Mayglothling J, Whelan JF, Aboutanos MB, Malhotra AK, Ivatury RR. Geriatric education for surgical residents: identifying a major need. Am Surg 2011; 77: 826-831

Bernard AC, Moore EE, Moore FA, Hides GA, Guthrie BJ, Omert LA, Gould SA, Fabian TC, Fulda GJ, Hoyt DB, Duane TM, et al. Postinjury resuscitation with human polymerized hemoglobin prolongs early survival: a post hoc analysis. J Trauma 2011; 70: S34-S37

Duane TM, Mayglothling J, Wilson SP, Wolfe LG, Aboutanos MB, Whelan J, Malhotra AK, Ivatury RR. NEXUS criteria is inadequate to rule out fracture after significant blunt trauma compared to CT. J Trauma 2011;70: 829-831

Duane TM, Brown H, Wolfe LG, Malhotra AK, Aboutanos MB, Ivatury RR. Bladder pressure measurements are an independent predictor of UTI in trauma patients.  Surg Infect 2011;12:39-42

Riaz OJ, Malhotra AK, Aboutanos MB, Duane TM, Goldberg AE, Borchers CJ, Martin N, Ivatury RR. Bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of ventilator associated pneumonia: to quantitate or not, that is the question. Am Surg 2011;77:297-303

Duane TM, Scarcella N, Cross J, Wolfe LG, Mayglothling J, Aboutanos MB, Whelan JF, Malhotra AK, Ivatury RR. Do flexion extension plain films facilitate treatment after trauma?  Am Surg 76:1351- 1354;2010

Duane TM, Cross J, Scarcella N, Wolfe LG, Mayglothling J, Aboutanos MB, Whelan JF, Malhotra AK, Ivatury RR. Flexion extension plain films compared to MRI in the diagnosis of ligamentous injury. Am Surg 76: 595-598;2010

Bearman G, Rosato A, Duane TM, Elam K, Sanogo K, Haner C, Kazlova V, Wenzel R, Edmond MB. A controlled trial of universal gloving with emollient impregnated gloves to promote skin health, improve hand hygiene, and prevent the transmission of multi-drug resistant organisms in the surgical ICU. Infect Control and Hospital Epidemiol: 2010; 31: 491-497

Como JJ, Bokhari F, Chui WC, Duane TM, Holevar MR, Tandoh MA. Practice management guidelines for nonoperative management of penetrating abdominal trauma: Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma practice management guidelines committee. J Trauma 2010; 68: 721-733

Duane TM, Clearing the Cervical Spine. Pan Am J of Trauma 2009;16: 10-13

Duane TM, Trauma in the Obese: an overview. Pan Am J of Trauma 2009; 16: 33-36.

Duane TM, Brown H, Borchers CT, Wolfe LG, Malhotra AK, Aboutanos MB, Ivatury RR. A CVL protocol decreases blood stream infections and length of stay in a trauma ICU population. Am Surg 2009; 75:1166-1170.

2010-2011 Association of Women Surgeons Visiting Professor

2009-2010 Outstanding Teacher for the Surgical Clerkship

2010 Shining Knight Award for Excellence in Trauma Care

2008-2009 Faculty Medical Student Teaching Award

2008 selected as one of seven physician champions for practicing excellence in transfusion therapy for VCUHS

2008 Selected to attend the AAMC mid-career women faculty development seminar

2006-2007 Outstanding Teacher for the Surgical Clerkship

AAST/KCI Research and Education Scholarship Award Winner

2005-2006 Best Teacher — Surgery Clerkship

2005-2006 Faculty Medical Student Teaching Award

Selected to attend the 2006 American College of Surgeons Leadership Conference as one of two Young Surgeon Representatives

Hume-Muller Award for Most Outstanding Oral Presentation at the 2006 Virginia Surgical Society meeting

2003 Selected to attend the AAMC early career women faculty professional development seminar

Eunice Baxter Award for Outstanding Chief Resident

Bernhardt and Sophie Gottlieb Award for Expertise Outside

American Medical Women’s Association, Inc. Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Achievement Citation

American Heart Association Scholarship for stroke research
Elsie Van Buren Rice Award for oral communications
Quill & Dagger Senior Honor Society
Golden Key National Honor Society
Omicron Nu National Honor Society
Cornell National Scholar

$287,631 from GlaxoSmithKline to study the safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy of GSK225105.
Principle Investigator 2011-2012

$28,750 from Synthes to study the early operative fixation versus non-operative management of flail chest.
Sub- investigator 2010-2012

$2000 from Kamangar Company to support medical ethics education for surgical residents.
Principle Investigator 2010-2011

$19,818 from Surgical Infection Society to study of duration of antibiotics for intraabdominal infection.
Principle Investigator  2010-

Grant Awards

The impact of infection control measures on outcomes in the ICU

The impact on educational training for trauma residents on geriatric population issues

Cellular changes on wound healing comparing trauma patients to healthy volunteers

The reliability of clinical exam for the identification of cervical spine injuries

The effect of a standardized transfer policy between services on patient outcome and satisfaction

The importance of blood sugar after the first 24 hours

The effect of ICU patient shuffling on outcomes

The correlation on initial blood sugar on outcomes after trauma

The use of extubation protocols in the ICU to improve patient outcomes

The accuracy of the rapid shallow breathing index in determining extubation in a surgical ICU

The use of blood substitutes in the severely injured trauma patient

The use of protocols for line insertions in the ICU to determine effects on infection rates

Chest tube removal techniques to determine the best approach to limit complications

Evaluation of routine pelvic x-rays in the trauma bay to determine their need in the identification of fractures

Evaluation of routine lateral cervical spine plain films to determine their need in the identification of fractures

The effect of morbid obesity on the evaluation of the acutely injured trauma patient

The effect of alcohol ingestion on the accuracy of the clinical assessment on the acutely injured trauma patient

The correlation of alcohol level and initial lactate

The length of time it takes to complete computed tomography on the acutely injured trauma patient and how it affects outcome

The accuracy of contrast extravasation on computed tomography with pelvic fractures in predicting the need for angiographic embolization

HIV and its influence on outcomes after trauma

Community Involvement:
YMCA swim meet volunteer
Volunteer, St. Mary's School

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Aboutanos, Michel A. (Chair)
Anand, Rahul
Duane, Therèse M.
Ferrada, Paula
Goldberg, Stephanie
Hogan, Christopher
Ivatury, Rao R. (Prof Emeritus)
Jayaraman, Sudha P.
Malhotra, Ajai K.
Mayglothling, Julie
Whelan, James F.

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